The Importance of Magic Link School Handwriting Clubs

Magic Link school handwriting clubs are important because of our belief that improved handwriting results in higher grades, increased confidence, and increased self-esteem. In order to deliver, we now provide handwriting clubs in schools.  Studies have found that when students learn to write by hand, they engage in more deliberate and intentional planning and organisation of their ideas. This is because handwriting involves a physical process that requires writers to slow down and think about each letter and word they are writing, allowing them more time to plan and organise their thoughts before putting them on paper.

Magic Link School Handwriting Clubs

Research has demonstrated that handwriting skills are closely linked to the planning and organisation of thoughts required for effective composition. Magic Link school handwriting clubs improve handwriting skills by helping students develop a strong foundation for written expression

Handwriting involves multiple cognitive and motor skills, such as letter formation, spacing, and sequencing. Magic Link School Handwriting clubs help develop these foundational skills necessary for written expression and composition. Studies have found a direct correlation between handwriting instruction and improved planning and organisation skills, which are essential for effective composition. Students who struggle with cursive writing or expressing themselves on paper benefit from the Magic Link handwriting programme. Research has also shown that handwriting letters more effectively teaches reading skills compared to typing and watching videos.

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What are Magic Link School Handwriting Clubs?

Magic Link School Handwriting Clubs are designed for students between the ages of 6 and 18. These clubs are led by certified and qualified Magic Link teachers, who follow the 30-Step Magic Link handwriting programme to help students achieve neat and clear joined-up, cursive handwriting.

These school handwriting clubs combine the hands-on, structured 30-step handwriting teaching exercises and provide a fun, positive and relaxed atmosphere. Activities include learning letter sizes, letter formation, letter direction, letter joining, and practicing word and sentence writing. Exercises such as essays, diaries, and creative writing are included. Regular practice and instruction can help children develop legible, consistent, and fluent handwriting, which can enhance their written communication abilities.

The Magic Link handwriting programme can be delivered on school premises before the start of the school day, during lunchtime, or after school, depending on the availability of the Magic Link teacher. Each lesson typically lasts around 30-40 minutes, and students generally require 15-18 lessons to complete the programme.

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The Benefits of Magic Link school handwriting clubs

The primary benefit of Magic Link school handwriting clubs is to improve students’ handwriting skills. Handwriting is a basic tool used in many subjects — taking notes, taking tests, and doing classroom work and homework for almost every content area as well as in language arts classes. Poor handwriting can have a pervasive effect on school performance and a significant impact on academic success because it is a fundamental skill that is needed in many areas, including language arts classes, practically every curriculum area, and for taking notes, completing assignments, and taking exams. The other benefit of having neat handwriting is that it can make it easier for teachers to read and understand what a pupil has written, which can lead to better grades.

Other Benefits of School Handwriting clubs

Magic Link school handwriting club can have numerous other benefits for students, including fine motor skill development, increased confidence, socialisation opportunities, and stress relief. Improved handwriting not only makes written work easier to read but also enhances overall communication skills.

These clubs provides a social platform for children to interact with their peers and teachers, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Handwriting influences how children write words, improves their ability to transform their ideas into language and therefore supports literacy skills.

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Schools offering Magic Link handwriting clubs

Schools providing Magic Link handwriting clubs are:  Immanuel College (Bushey), Sinai School (Kenton) Rimon School (Golders Green) Matilda Marks Kennedy (Mill Hill)  Falkner House School (Earls Court) Pardes House (Finchley) Rosh Pinah (Edgware)

Booking a Magic Link handwriting teacher

As Magic Link will be run by an experienced, external specialist, it will incur a charge. Details of prices may be obtained from your nearest teacher. There would be no cost to the school as parents would pay the teacher directly. Schools wishing their pupils to benefit from the Magic Link programme may contact their nearest Magic Link teacher to discuss how the club works in further detail.

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