Handwriting guru is on a mission – feature in the Ham and High – Family & Education

Lee Dein of Magic Link is determined to transform the handwriting skills of kids in primary and secondary schools.

A mother-of-four is on a mission to transform the handwriting skills of schoolchildren.  Lee Dein, who has been helping kids home their talents for more than 30 years, runs Magic Link, a programme of 10 to 12 lessons designed to focus on a skill which many students have failed to grasp by the time they start secondary school.

As well as running face-to-face groups from her house in Hampstead Garden Suburb, Lee’s programme can be followed by video lessons or woven into the school curriculum.

Lee, who is also a qualified speech and language therapist and dyslexia teacher, said: ” More than a quarter of all pupils have bad handwriting and not only is there a massive demand-parents do not know that there is a solution.

“I single-handedly created my programme from home.  It is now being used around the country I both private and state schools, with fantastic results.”

The programme teaches, cursive handwriting in 30-steps, and Lee believes it is a perfect fit for primary and secondary schools.

Sheryl Bekhor, a year 4 teacher at Brooklands Junior School in Hampstead Garden Suburb, said: ” I piloted this programme with my Year 4 Class and the improvement in their writing was phenomenal.

“It took a while for the results to reflect in their class books for all written subjects, but by the end, they were writing beautifully, using the Magic Link. ”

“The children were encouraged throughout the programme, as they could see how their writing was improving and wanting to impress.  I used the triangular pencils but not the triangular pens.

” I would recommend triangular shapes for both. I loved the fact the programme was set out in steps and it was extremely easy and clear to follow.”

For more information see: www.magiclinkhandwriting.com