Handwriting Teachers in the UK

The art of handwriting must be taught and reinforced as much as possible, especially in the 21st century where phones, computers and Ipads are becoming such a common form of communication. It appears that we are at risk of losing the ability to write legibly and it is important for parents to be aware that poor handwriting is fixable. Handwriting teachers in the UK provide the structured, successful Magic Link handwriting programme -the quick and easy solution to messy handwriting.

handwriting teachers in the UK 

Location of Magic Link Handwriting Teachers in the UK

Magic Link handwriting teachers are highly qualified experienced teachers who are based in the UK. They teach the 30-step programme which takes on average around 10-12 single lessons to complete. The programme was created by Lee Dein, a speech and language therapist and a dyslexia teacher, who has been teaching children for over 30 years. London Handwriting teachers are based in Fulham, Golders Green and Finchley, Harrow, Tottenham and Bushey. Other Magic Link teachers are based in Belfast, Bristol, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent and Buckinghamshire. To find a teacher-please click here.

Handwriting Lessons

Lessons are designed to be fun and functional and handwriting teachers provide a highly structured, colour-coded approach and perfect for children who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, hypermobile or ADHD.  Children are taught to write using the simple Magic Link font and accompanying workbooks.

The starting point of all lessons is learning how to hold the pencil correctly, using the recommended triangular pens or pencils. Posture and grip is explained in step one. Children are encouraged to sit up straight, use ‘frog’s legs fingers’ and not use a ‘wrap-around thumb’ as this can block their view and obscure the page.

Pupils are taught how to write letters and vowel combinations in their Magic Link workbooks. They are shown how to form lower case letters, capitals, numbers and punctuation.  There are absolutely no lead-in strokes, which often confuse. Vowels and their combinations are taught separately in a neat, cursive, joined-up style.

The final steps of the Magic Link programme consolidate all the vowels into free writing and includes diary and story writing. Older students are provided with exercises which include complex vocabulary to impress an examiner.

handwriting teacher in the UK

Handwriting Lessons Online

The option of purchasing the pre-recorded video lessons with accompanying worksheets is available for pupils who live outside the UK or those who are unable to attend classes in person. Each video lesson lasts around 10-15 minutes and has a pause button which allows time to copy the words and sentences. The 30-step Magic Link handwriting programme is the solution for neat and legible handwriting and provides an essential skill for life. Please click here to purchase the online course.

See Facebook page Magic Link Handwriting and TrustPilot for examples and testimonials of handwriting improvement.