Group Lessons & Prices

 30 Simple Steps

Group lessons take place around London and the UK. There are usually around 2 to 6 children in a group. These lessons are highly structured and pupils are taught how to form words, sentences, numbers and punctuation. As they progress through their workbooks, their handwriting becomes noticeably neater and tidier. Magic Link provides an essential skill which will prove beneficial and rewarding throughout life.

10-12 Lessons to Complete

Sessions involve direct work and  demonstrations. Homework, 5-10 minutes per day, is set as regular practise is important in speeding and achieving goals. Pupils require around 10-12 single lessons (or 5-6 double lessons) to complete the wholeprogramme. There may be slight variations depending on the severity of the handwriting and the age of the child.

Story Writing, Speed & Spelling 

Magic Link offers comprehensive instruction in neat, cursive handwriting and includes exercises to reinforce story writing, speed, and spelling. By strengthening handwriting skills, it enables children to concentrate on speed, spelling, presentation, and apply this skill to their schoolwork. Completing homework assignments is essential for students to reach their maximum potential in the shortest possible time.

45 minute or 90 minute sessions

Children receive instruction in small groups, where they engage in highly intensive single lessons lasting either 45 minutes or 90 minutes for double sessions. Double lessons allow for faster completion of the programme. Our group lessons have proven to be excellent and effective, encouraging children to collaborate and achieve maximum confidence and speed in their handwriting and spelling skills.

Magic link pack

Initial Consultation:

£140 per single lesson or £180 per double lesson

(Includes workbook pack)

Pupils, aged 6-18 years, are instructed in small groups during focused 45-minute single (or 90-minute double) sessions. These group lessons have proven to be an effective and established method for motivating children to work together and build their confidence in their handwriting and spelling abilities. To achieve the best results in the shortest time, 10 minutes of daily homework must be completed.

During the initial consultation, the ‘before’ handwriting sample is taken. We then provide the first Magic Link handwriting workbook and begin the programme. As pupils progress through the course, they are provided with the second and third books. Upon reaching step 30, we consolidate their newfound skills through free writing tasks. The final workbook includes exercises that reinforce neat, cursive handwriting while also improving speed, spelling, presentation, and overall confidence.

Students should purchase a selection of their own recommended pens and pencils from our website to use in our group lessons and at their school. This consultation fee also applies to pupils who have not attended Magic Link classes for 12 months or more. For children on pupil premium, an invoice will be sent directly to their school, subject to authorisation.

Magic link pack

Per child:

£40 per single lesson

Or £80 per double lesson

Pupils of all ages are taught in small groups and these intensive single sessions last 45 minutes. We recommend that older pupils or younger children who have good concentration, receive 90 minute double lessons to complete the programme faster. These groups lessons are an excellent, tried and tested way of motivating children to work together to gain maximum confidence in their handwriting and spelling skills.

Children are required to do 10 minutes per day homework  to achieve maximum potential as quickly as possible. At the end of the programme (step 30) pupils consolidate their new skill in free writing tasks. The final workbook contains exercises to reinforce neat, cursive handwriting and to improve speed, spelling, presentation and confidence.

To showcase the incredible transformation achieved through the Magic Link handwriting program, we provide “before” and “after” samples at the conclusion of the programme. These samples serve as a testament to the remarkable progress made by our students.

Book Lessons

Our Magic Link teachers provide group, face-to face group lesson in their own home. To enrol, fill in the contact form of your chosen teacher, upload a sample of handwriting and your teacher will contact you. You are required to purchase the workbook pack for £100. Your teacher will guide and support your child through the 30 steps to acheive neat and clear cursive handwriting.

Zoom: Purchase the online course and printable Magic Link worksheets.  Then contact Cynthia, the sole teacher who offers 1:1 Zoom and make payments to her directly for her lessons.

Refresher Course

Schools sometimes neglect to reinforce Magic Link, causing children to forget the technique. If it has been over 12 months since completing the programme, repurchasing the entire pack for £100 is required. If less than 12 months, pupils may need to re-do the whole course and purchase the full pack for £100 or only Workbook 3 for £50 which includes the Homework book. Please send us a recent handwriting sample for assessment.


By cash, cheque or bank transfer the end of each session.  Pupils who are on pupil premium can be paid directly from the school, as long as written permission has been granted. Payment can also be made directly into Paypal account:

Switching Teachers

If parents wish to switch to another Magic Link teacher, parents must pay  an additional £50 administration charge to the new teacher for updates and case notes to be transferred. Parents will need to provide the new teacher with a current sample of handwriting to see the current handwriting level as well as any progress made with the previous teacher.

Cancellation policy

No charge will be made for cancellations made 48 hours prior to the appointment. Otherwise, a full charge will be made, subject to discretion.

Intensive Half-term Course – Primary


Selected dates run by some of our teachers and Yellowbird education in Fulham and surrounding areas run intensive, fast-track, 5-day courses during the school holidays. Please check their profile page or fill in their contact form with your message request and they will get back to you.

Intensive Half-term course – Secondary


Some teachers run intensive, fast-track,  courses during the school holidays for secondary school pupils. Please check their profile page to see whether they are offer the course or fill in their contact form with your message request and they will get back to you.

Online Options-Home Use

If you wish to do the course in your own home, your child can follow the pre-recorded lessons and printable colour-coded worksheets. Two courses are available:

(i) non– joined (pre-cursive) course for 5 year olds, or

(ii) Joined-up (cursive) course is for 6-18 year olds.

Primary & Secondary Schools

Magic Link handwriting programme available for schools with annual licence agreement. Pupils follow pre-recorded lessons and access printable worksheets for whole class or intervention groups.

 See:15 Benefits of a School Licence.

Our Magic Link Teachers

Lee Dein, of Magic Link Ltd, provides and is only responsible for lessons in her own premises in Finchley, North London. If you wish to be taught by another self-employed, certified Magic Link handwriting teacher, please contact the teacher directly.  These teachers work independently and payment should be made directly to the teacher at the end of each session.  Lee Dein and Magic Link Ltd accept no liability for other Magic Link handwriting teachers.


How to Become a Magic Link Teacher?

If you are an experienced and qualified primary or secondary school Teacher, Speech and Language Therapist or Occupational Therapist  and interested in the joining our Magic Link franchise, please click here for more information.