The Magic Link Handwriting Programme®

Structured course for primary & secondary school children. Proven to achieve clear & confident handwriting. 


Established success for 5-18 yr olds


Improves confidence & grades


Learn fast, flowing handwriting

Created by Lee Dein, certified speech & language therapist & dyslexia teacher. Developed, tried & tested over her 30 years of teaching experience. Supports the national curriculum & endorsed by the British Dyslexia Association. For home or school use & excellent for all children with messy handwriting.

Choose the right class for you…


Select pre-cursive (non-joined) for 5 yr olds or cursive (joined-up) for 6-18 yrs. Pre-recorded video lessons & printable, worksheets teach neat & clear handwriting.


School licence for classrooms or groups. No teacher training required. Includes video lessons & worksheets. Pre-cursive for yr 1 & cursive for yrs 2-6 & secondary.


Certified Magic Link handwriting teachers provide group lessons face-to-face or via Zoom. Choose single or double lessons. Course completed in approx 10-12 lessons.

Perfect for all children, including those with…





High IQ


Asperger’s syndrome

Dyspraxia (DCD)


Right & Left-handers

Boost confidence & grades

Grades improve as handwriting becomes neater & faster & self-confidence increases. Recommended by teachers, parents, educational psychologists, occupational therapists & used in many U.K schools.

Simple Magic Link® font

The simple Magic Link® font has no confusing ‘lead-in’ or ‘entry’ strokes’ which often leave children struggling & destroy confidence. The proven ease of this style helps fine motor skills in both right & left-handed children & has transformed the lives of thousands with amazing results.

The Magic Link Handwriting program is a godsend! My son went from having completely illegible handwriting to perfectly legible handwriting. His confidence has increased and his hand does not hurt when writing. We used the online program as we are not UK based and it was easy to implement at home. We had tried several different programs before Magic Link, and this is the only program that worked for us!

Nia Elizabeth van der Velden

This is the method my son learned. He has ADHD with dysgraphia and we can’t believe the transformation! From avoiding writing because of the teachers comments of it being illegible our David aged 8 has become so much more confident and willing. He practices daily and looks forward to the sessions. I would rate this programme OUTSTANDING!

Dan S

A fantastic programme that i would recommend to any parent who wants to improve their child’s handwriting. We used the online version which was well explained step by step with plenty of examples to practice. Very marked improvement after a few days and my son is now more confident and neater in his writing. I consider this the best investment i have made in his education so far!!

Paul Paddle

Thanks Magic Link for the fabulous work. Our son’s handwriting is now unbelievable. His teachers are thrilled to see the changes in the way he writes. We are really pleased. Thanks so much.

Maria Opaniran

Life changing! I am a GP and a mum and I would even recommend this to my patients. For any child struggling with joined up writing with all its associated frustrations and anxiety, this is transformative. It’s a short course so it won’t drag on. It took us only 5 weeks! Now I have a much more confident child who is a proud owner of a pen licence. His school work is legible and his marks are better as a result. Thank you, Lee.

T Thakar

I would like to thank you for your writing course. I purchased the full online version before Christmas for my 12yr old son and we have seen a marked improvement in his handwriting.


Magic Link has changed our son’s life, transforming his illegible handwriting in nice, neat writing in 6 weeks. He no longer loses marks because the teacher cannot read his answers. Thank you, Lee!

Katleen Richardson

Lee Dein and the Magic Link Handwriting program has been brilliant. Our daughter 6 was really struggling to achieve neat joined-up handwriting and in collectively less than 20 hours the Magic Link Program completely changed this. I would also add as parents the program has given us a structure that we can now follow at home going forward. I would highly recommend the Magic Link Handwriting program to any parent

Adrian Yearwood

This has been amazing for my son. He’s nine years old and it’s absolutely transformed his handwriting. It’s the one thing that has been keeping him back at school. We can finally read his writing! thoroughly recommend to anyone. He’s gone from the bottom to the top. Really brilliant progress.


If someone is looking for a structured approached to improve their handwriting then this is an option worth exploring.

Dr Sally Payne
Dyspraxia Foundation Trustee

More about the Magic Link Handwriting Programme®

Use in schools

Short video clip; use with right & left-handers

Follow the simple steps to achieve neat, legible handwriting

Helps pupils with dyslexia, dyspraxia & hypermobility

Improve grades & success in 7+ exams, 11+ exams, GCSE & A levels


Everyone can improve their handwriting

Handwriting activates the brain more than keyboarding as it involves more complex motor & cognitive skills.

Improve your life with clearer handwriting

Good handwriting is essential long after graduation & is part of our daily lives. It’s never too late to learn.

Boost confidence & self-esteem

Children, students, teachers, lecturers, parents feel happy, confident & inspired by good handwriting skills.


Gain higher scores in exams

Many assessments are based on time-limited written examinations; fast, legible handwriting is essential.