Achieve clear & confident handwriting

Structured handwriting course for paediatric therapists, teachers, parents & children

The Magic Link Handwriting Programme® 

proven intervention scheme, for 5-18 year olds. Created by Lee Dein, a qualified speech and language therapist and dyslexia teacher. This programme was  developed, tried and tested over her 30 years of teaching experience. Supports the national curriculum and endorsed by the British Dyslexia Association. For home or school use and excellent for all children with messy handwriting.

Choose the right class for you…


Select pre-cursive (non-joined) for 5 yr-olds or cursive (joined-up) for 6-18 yrs. Pre-recorded video lessons & printable, worksheets teach fast, clear handwriting.


School licence for classrooms or groups. No teacher training required. Includes video lessons & worksheets. Pre-cursive for yr 1 & cursive for yrs 2-6 & secondary.


Certified Magic Link handwriting tutors provide group lessons via Zoom. Choose single or double lessons. Course completed in approx 10-12 lessons.

Perfect for all children, including those with…





High IQ


Asperger’s syndrome

Dyspraxia (DCD)


Right & Left-handers

Boost Confidence & Grades

Grades improve as handwriting becomes neater and faster and self-confidence increases. Recommended by teachers, parents, educational psychologists, occupational therapists and used in many U.K schools.

Simple Magic Link® Font

The simple Magic Link® font has no confusing lead-in, pre-cursive or entry strokes, which often leave children struggling and destroys confidence. The proven ease of this style helps fine motor skills and has transformed the lives of thousands of children with amazing results.

More About The Magic Link Handwriting Programme®

The Magic Link Programme® in Schools

Short Video Clip. Perfect for Right or Left-handers

Follow the simple steps to achieve neat, legible handwriting

Helps pupils with dyslexia, dyspraxia & hypermobility

Improve grades & success in 7+ exams, 11+ exams, GCSE & A levels


Everyone Can Improve Their Handwriting

Handwriting activates the brain more than keyboarding as it involves more complex motor & cognitive skills.

Improve Your Life With Clearer Handwriting

Good handwriting is essential long after graduation & is part of our daily lives. It’s never too late to learn.

Boost Confidence & Self-esteem

Children, students, teachers, lecturers, parents feel happy, confident & inspired by good handwriting skills.


Gain Higher Scores In Exams

Many assessments are based on time-limited written examinations; fast, legible handwriting is essential.