There are many advantage of using the Magic Link Handwriting Programme for home educated pupils. Many parents choose to teach their children at home instead of enrolling them and making them study within the formal setting of a public or private school. The Magic Link Handwriting Programme is extremely compatible with those pupils who are taught outside of a classroom environment, providing a simple method of one on one tutoring, where the parent can take their home-educated child through each of the 30 steps.


One benefit of home school education is that the parent can take full responsibility of their children’s education. The Magic Link programme, which teaches joined up-cursive handwriting, allows the parent to take the child through a 30-step video programme (which includes a three hour DVD and colour-coded notebook), at the pace that is right for the child.


Magic Link Handwriting for home educated pupils

Many children have difficulty mastering handwriting: most of these children are bright and intelligent, but have simply not learnt to write correctly and therefore produce messy, untidy work. The Magic Link handwriting programme has been proven to drastically improve a child’s handwriting in 10 lessons. Taking your child step by step through the programme, therefore, allows the child to learn the mechanics of writing (including improved pencil grip, good posture and correct letter formation), without the pressure of a classroom full of children who can write “better” or a teacher who will make a quick judgment on the child’s intelligence.


Magic Link Handwriting for home educated pupils

Magic Link is complementary of home schooling, as both are methods of one on one tutoring. Some parents, who choose to teach their child at home, claim that the smaller the student- teacher ratio, the better the student learns. Magic Link is centred on a simple, logical structure, which makes it easy for the parent to teach to the child cursive writing, with clarity and ease, so that the child does not “slip through the net” as they may do in a classroom. The programme will ideally be taught as part of a safe learning environment, where the child can focus on each step until they feel fully comfortable, without the rest of the class moving on before they fully understand.


The advantages of Magic Link Handwriting Programme for home educated pupils


Like home education, the  advantages of the Magic Link Handwriting Programme for home educated pupils is that can be tailored to the specific education needs of each child. As handwriting is such an integral part of everyday life, it is highly important that each child develops a comfortable way of writing, to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Taking the child through the programme, outside the high-pressured environment of a classroom, allows the child to pause and focus on the parts that they struggle with, making sure that they learn how to write in cursive, correctly. Home educated pupils can follow the programme at their own pace always knowing that the target of following 30 simple steps is all that is needed to achieve neat, cursive handwriting.