Overview of the Magic Link Alphabet Video Songs

Each animated alphabet video song has a catchy tune which assists teachers and increases levels of engagement and memory. Repetition is key, so if your child watches these again and again, it will help to reinforce all the important aspects of learning the alphabet letters. Each of the 26 video alphabet songs is beneficial to children and contain the important task of:

  • Explaining clearly how letters are grouped into families.
  • Showing each letter formation in a fun and visual way, with clear, written explanations
  • Teaching the sound each letter makes and seeing the fun animations.
  • Provide sensory feedback by learning where in the mouth the letter is produced.
  • Improve phonic and reading skills; for each letter, your child will see 2 short words, with animations, that start with that letter..
  • Learn about capital letters; the shape, size and proportions.
  • Accompanying, colour-coded, printable worksheets reinforce learning; The worksheets can be given in class and handed out for homework to encourage learning at home.


How can nursery schools access the Magic Link Alphabet programme?

These alphabet songs are video-based learning that can be easily accessed online on the website magiclinkhandwriting.com

Simply sign up and login to access the alphabet video songs with accompanying printable worksheets.