The Magic Link Handwriting Programme Level 3

Steps 21-30: Online teaching course with printable colour coded worksheets.

Use any of the recommended triangular-shaped pencils or pens, before your begin and follow the steps exactly as instructed.

When you have finished these last steps you will be proud of your new, clear, cursive, joined-up handwriting!


Level 3 course content:

  • 3 hours of clear  teaching instructions divided into 10 simple steps.

  • Further practise and advanced work teaches words and sentences in their vowel families.

  •  Achieve smooth, joined-up writing by following the instructions.

  • Learn more capital letter formation  and correct number formation.

  •  Consolidation exercises reinforces neat, cursive writing.

  •  More complex vocabulary, sure to impress an examiner, is included for secondary students and adults.

  •  A certificate of achievement is offered for younger children.

  • Level 3 takes about 2-4 weeks to complete.

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