How to improve legibility using the Magic Link “online” handwriting classes?

If you have ever wondered how your child can improve their legibility and neatness using the Magic Link online handwriting classes, then please read on.

The survey of 2,000 Americans, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Bic USA Inc., found that the average respondent has experienced their handwriting led to a miscommunication or caused a real problem.  Even more interestingly, 45 percent of Americans struggle to read their own handwriting.

What does the Magic Link handwriting classes teach?

The Magic Link handwriting online classes is a proven method which teaches children how to achieve clear, legible handwriting.  This results in higher grades, feeling more confident and being able to impress their peers. Teachers cannot fail to see the fantastic transformation in their pupil’s handwriting and a ‘pen license’ is often awarded.

These online handwriting classes teaches pencil grip, letter heights, letter formation, spacing and letter joins in words and sentences.  There are ‘Top Tips” for both right and left handers.  No teacher training is needed and children are simply required to follow the pre-recorded online teaching instructions. Each step is accompanied by specially design practice ‘silly sentences’ so they can quickly see improvement.  At the end of the course children achieve fluent, automatic and legible handwriting and are taught how to transfer their new skills into schoolwork.

Magic Link Online Handwriting classes

WIFI is needed to access the classes which can be played on desktops laptops, iPads and mobile phones.

How many Magic Link online handwriting classes are there?

The Magic Link handwriting online classes is for home use and available to children all around the world. Magic Link offers 2 separate classes; The first online course is for younger children aged 5-6 years old and teaches pre-cursive, non-joined handwriting in 15 simple steps. The cost for this course is £99. The other online handwriting course is for older children, aged 6-18 years old and teaches cursive, joined-up handwriting in 30 simple steps and costs £199.

Both courses are highly- structured , colour-coded and perfect for children with dyslexia and or dyspraxia. There is 12 months unlimited access to the online classes. The steps are easy to follow. Le Dein is the teacher on the pre-recorded course and the user can print out the accompanying colour-coded worksheets and follow the lessons. The worksheets contain the simple Magic Link font to enable clear letter formation. There is a pause button and lively music which makes the programme fun and enjoyable.

Magic Link Online Handwriting classes

The online handwriting classes improves children’s lives by improving their handwriting.  Even children with difficult to read handwriting have seen significant improvement using the Magic Link method and has made a massive difference to their confidence and self-esteem. The Magic Link method has been fully appraised by the British Dyslexia Association who have endorsed it with their stamp of assurance and is available to all children.

The Magic Link online handwriting course is for all children aged 5-18 years who want to…

  • write more legibly
  • improve the look their handwriting
  • Take exams (7 plus, 11 plus, GCSEs, A Levels., SATs)
  • wants brain exercises that focus on eye hand coordination
  • improve their spelling
  • Learn this essential skill at school or at home

By practicing one or two steps a day with guidance from this course, you will see improvement on a daily basis.  So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get started!

Magic Link Online Handwriting classes