Children’s Education Franchise – Magic Link Handwriting

Have you considered having a thriving children’s education Magic Link franchise business from home? Becoming a Magic Link handwriting teacher enables teachers, SENCos, Speech and Language therapists and Occupational to succeed in education.

The Magic Link Handwriting educational franchise offers you:

  • The flexibility to manage your own business.
  • Comprehensive training , as well as business skills.
  • A proven business model, operating globally.
  • Low start-up cost.

Teachers who would like to be involved in the education of children are welcome to apply. Previous teaching experience is essential. We recruit Instructors from professional backgrounds, with many seeking a new challenge and the opportunity to be their own boss.

Becoming a Franchisee

Magic Link is looking for motivated and enthusiastic professionals who are passionate about education, children and helping them build a brighter future. Over 2 million children, in 24,000 schools in the UK struggle with their handwriting, you can turn that passion into a reality by running your own Magic Link handwriting centre. Research shows that pupils with poor handwriting do less well in school tests.

  • You will become part of a growing network of Magic Link handwriting teachers who share best practice along with the satisfaction of making a difference to children both practically and emotionally.
  • You’ll receive comprehensive advice and support in launching, running and marketing your Magic Link handwriting groups.
  • Through delivering both face to face classes, you will help children feel motivated, confident and proud of their work.
  • There are minimal start-up fees.

Magic Link Handwriting Franchisee Case Study:

Name: Maria Morris Territory: St Albans & Harpenden. Start Date: September 2020

Maria Morris

1.What was your journey to franchising?

In my 15 years of teaching English and Literacy in London primary and secondary schools, I also held the roles of Assistant Principal, Head of English & Literacy and school governor. My passion within education lies with improving the life chances of students through raising aspirations with knowledge and skills and improving reading and writing abilities for all.

Following my second maternity leave and leaving London to set up life in Hertfordshire, I decided not to return to the classroom in London and focused on establishing myself as an Education Consultant and Advisor, specialising in raising standards in teaching, learning and literacy. I started searching a children’s education franchise and the opportunity to become part of the Magic Link franchise came about through meeting up with an old friend who told me about the programme as her daughter had completed it. She showed me a ‘before and after’ photo and I was amazed and intrigued, as most people often initially are! I was immediately interested, phoned Lee Dein that very afternoon and went and observed her teaching the next day!

Handwriting Education Franchise

2. How did you come to make a final decision?

Following the lesson observation and discussions with Lee, I was super keen to become part of Magic Link Handwriting and to continue to support children improve their writing, literacy levels and overall confidence through this unique opportunity. I spoke to another Magic Link teacher, went through the pros and cons with friends and family and the positives definitely outweighed the risks.

3. How did you know that you’d found the right franchise?

 Leaving the security of a job in a successful school, was a very daunting prospect. I have always liked the idea of the support provided by a good franchise and knew a little about the process as my husband owns a care franchise. Whilst I was not actively seeking a franchise opportunity, when this opportunity was presented to me, I was super excited about the prospect of setting up something on my own, but also being part of a support network with Lee at the helm who provided the structure, materials and support that made the prospect of setting it up less daunting. It ticked all the boxes in terms of supporting children to improve literacy skills and levels, whilst also allowing me to have the flexibility to set my own working hours and pattern to work around my children. The income and lucrative side of the opportunity was also very appealing.

4. How did you secure finance for your franchise?

I used the funds I had saved from the initial months of consulting and advising along with some other savings. The initial outlay was motivation to advertise and enrol my first few students in order to make back the money I had used to purchase the franchise and set up my classroom.

5. What are your top tips for navigating the legal side of things and beyond?

Do not be afraid to ask questions! If you want to become part of the Magic Link children’s education franchise, read the contract and all materials carefully, noting down any questions or points that need clarifying and making sure you fully understand what is involved before committing.

Is there a network of support and contact with other owners within the same franchise (WhatsApp group, email list and/or contact numbers)?

Are the materials, guidance, advice and structures provided by your franchiser coherent, detailed and structured, thus giving you the confidence you need to get started? I consider myself very lucky to have been provided with extensive support and materials by Lee, which I followed to ensure everything was done correctly and consistently.

Seek support from someone with a legal or franchise background.

Speak to someone who is part of the same franchise if possible.

Ask to see the work in action.

Follow the process and structures provided to you by your franchiser in order to make the setup process as smooth as possible.

Handwriting Education Franchise

6. What advice would you offer to anyone thinking about taking on a children education franchise?

Do your research and ask questions! Be open and honest about the areas you lack confidence in. As a teacher, I had only known job and salary security along with working in large teams and networks of support, therefore, setting up a business on my own was a very daunting prospect. Once I had gone through the smooth process of purchasing the franchise and equipment/materials needed, I felt a mixture of nerves and excitement about drumming up business and enrolling students onto the course. I knew very little about marketing, Facebook business groups, Google my Business, actively engaging in social media for business purposes and dealing with my own accounts and tax returns! I sought advice from friends, family and other business / start-up owners; I did my own research and reading on the Internet; I used YouTube tutorials and signed up to some free courses and tutorials and took my time to learn about the world of business and franchise owning from an education perspective.

I really love being a Magic Link Handwriting teacher and being part of the fantastic franchise and network. It provides me with an income and lifestyle that I am really happy with, whilst also giving me the chance to continue addressing literacy and education and improve the life chances of students and their families.

To apply, please complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss next steps.