Below are the 10 primary benefits of using the Magic Link handwriting programme in both primary and secondary schools:

 1. School curriculum

The Magic Link Handwriting Programme can be used in both primary and secondary schools. This programme can be integrated into the school curriculum so the whole school can learn neat, cursive, joined-up handwriting. The non joined-up (pre-cursive) programme is for 5-year-olds, in year 1 and the cursive (joined-up) programme is for 6-18 years.

2.  Whole class or groups

The programme can be used with a whole class as it can be incorporated as part of a classroom activity. Alternatively, it can be used with small groups of children, or individually with pupils who are finding particular difficulty with the letter and word formation. It is perfect for pupils of all ages including those in primary schools as well as secondary schools.

2. Colour-coded worksheets

The bright, worksheets use clear colour -coding and each vowel has its own colour. This is a motivator, which also improves reading and spelling. No further teaching resource is required.

colour coded worksheets

3. Handwriting intervention

The programme can be used with small handwriting intervention groups within the classroom or as specific tutorial lessons.

4. No teacher training

No teacher training is required; teachers, special educational needs coordinator (SENcos) or teaching assistants are simply required to supervise the children to ensure that the pupils are following the steps correctly. This makes the programme very easy to use as there is little scope for error.

5. Simple font

The Magic Link font makes learning how to write correctly a simple and achievable task. There are no confusing lead-in (entry) strokes. This font has been designed to promote speed and result in smooth, flowing joined up handwriting.

The simple magic link font

6. Multi-sensory

The Magic Link Programme incorporates a multi-sensory approach. The lively music, auditory instructions and visual tips are clearly presented and makes learning fun and interesting.

 7. Incremental Progression of Handwriting Strokes

The act of forming letters requires many steps.  The steps in the Magic Link programme follow motoric incremental movements of handwriting, which are required to complete an action resulting in higher levels of motor planning.  At the end of every steps, the learnt words are incorporated into ‘silly sentences’ to reinforce the motor movement and make handwriting practise fun.

Letters with arrows                                 

 8. Perfect for all pupils

The Magic Link Handwriting Programme is perfect for all pupils including children with SEN i.e dyslexia, dyspraxia, have  Asperger’s syndrome,  hypermobile and left and right handers. All pupils follow the pre-recorded video lessons to learn the correct formation of letters, words and sentences.

 9. Highly structured

This highly structured programme starts at the basic level and progresses through vowels and vowel combinations. All pupils are fully aware from the start, that at the end of 30 steps they will achieve neat, cursive writing.

10. Certificate of Achievement

For primary school children, a “Certificate of Achievement” provides an extra motivator. This can be given at the end of the programme or awarded in assembly and reward their new skill to make them feel proud and confident.

Benefits of using the Magic Link Handwriting Programme in school